Why Do Alcoholic Women Not Seek Treatment?

Hey guys, it’s me again. You now know my whole unsightly story. Yeah, I know it’s a doozy. It’s pretty embarrassing that it took something as traumatic as that entire situation to get me the help that I needed, but that’s often a reality for many women.

It’s a lot easier for women to hide their alcoholism, did you know that? For many generations, the levels of alcoholism in women have thought to be way lower than men.

Men are definitely more likely to use alcohol, have an alcohol problem, and experience overdoses, that’s for sure. Women are more likely to have those intense cravings. You know the ones, where you don’t feel like you can exist without alcohol.

I spent so many years in that in-between state where all I wanted was drink after drink. When I realized everyone else was moving on, and I have still stuck in that same rut, the call of the alcohol just became louder and louder until it was all I could hear.

ICD 10 Alcohol use disorder is a real thing, and we can easily get caught up in it.

When it comes to women and alcoholism there really is a double standard, believe it or not. Men often get okay when it comes to drinking, which is how their alcohol can tend to escalate. It’s seen as fairly normal for men to drink constantly and not unusual.

For women, though it can be a bit more embarrassing. If you are a woman and you drink too much, you may try to hide it from people around you, and then they don’t notice it so you don’t get the help you need when you need it.

Women also tend to drink alcohol for different reasons than men, usually due to issues in mental health. This not only leads to them hiding their alcoholism but to them just having deeper issues about it as well.

Women are five times more likely to have experienced sexual abuse than men. I never had that problem luckily, but many strong women have fallen prey to the disaster that can wreak on a life.

Women are also more likely to start drinking because of stress or trauma in general. The stress of working and being a mom and standing up to all those expectations can definitely wear a gal down.

For a lot of women, they are the ones who take care of their family. They organize the bills, take care of children, manage school and everything. So if they were to get the help that they needed it’s likely they would be stressed that everything would fall to pieces while they are gone.

This leads to women being way less likely to seek out care, and it really sucks. If women have kids, they may not want to face the reality of rehab because their children could be taken away from them, regardless of any attempts to better their lives.

Yeah, women really have the short end of the stick, and it’s not surprising it can be so hard for us to get help.