Draw Your Nightmare to Make it Unreal

I won’t describe what it was like coming to terms with the loss of my limbs. Other than the deaths of family members, it is the most significant pain and tragedy I have ever known.

I knew I needed serious help to get my life back together.

I went straight from the hospital to a rehabilitation center where I got sober. I was able to detox safely in as comfortable of an environment as possible, where I wouldn’t have the temptation of alcohol.

I went through tons of therapy during my 30-day stay. My therapist helped me start to understand why I drank so much, and what choices I could make to change my life and ensure my sobriety after leaving rehab.

I continued therapy after rehab. I needed to grieve the loss of my limbs, the loss of my job, and all the other bad choices I had made under the influence of alcohol for the past decade or so.

This is when I decided to do something to help people. Learning to live with prosthetics is challenging, but I’m proud of who I am. I can do almost anything that I was able to do before the accident.

My prosthetics are even stronger than my real limbs, and look super realistic. I used to be embarrassed by them, covering up with long sleeves and pants. Now I wear shorts and tank tops proudly, happy to be alive and sober.

I started writing a short story about a little girl with prosthetic limbs, just like me. I showed how she could still do most of the things the other kids at school could do. I wrote about how her prosthetics were cool and made her unique and beautiful.

I drew a few little illustrations to go along with it and shared it with my friend who has kids.

She loved it so much she showed it to one of her friends who worked in publishing. I landed a book deal, and after a few years had created a successful series based on my character.

You can turn your life around too. If you or someone you know is struggling with alcoholism or any other substance abuse, please get help right away. Don’t want for something terrible to happen.

But if something terrible does happen, you can turn it into something positive, as I did. You can write your own story, starting today.