From Party-Girl to Stuck Girl

In my last post, I told you how I decided to let my hair down and become a party girl in college. It cost me two scholarships, and even though I managed to graduate, I was saddled with a massive amount of student loan debt that I could have avoided if I’d gotten my act together while I was at school.

Unfortunately, it would take more than thousands of dollars for me to learn my lesson about drugs and alcohol.

If I was a party girl in college, then I was a party woman after I graduated. I got my diploma and found a job in my field right away. I worked in event planning, which let me use my perfectionist and planning skills, but also allowed me to party at the events once the planning was done.

I got to execute huge, elaborate birthday parties, business trips, weddings, and more with virtually no budget. Once the event started and everything was under control I was able to relax and enjoy the parties. It felt like the best of both worlds.

Until my penchant for alcohol started messing things up again, that is. Just like in college, I had a new group of pretty, glittery friends from work who I would go out and party with, or would work on and attend the events with.

It was just like university except I had my own ID and the clubs and bars we went to were much, much nicer, and I could afford top-shelf liquor now.

It was strange to me when my friends started settling down, getting married, having kids, or moving on to other jobs. They just didn’t feel like going out anymore.

They were too busy spending time with their families or working on their passion projects. My group of friends shrank and shrank until I was the only one in the group who still wanted to stay out past midnight.

They were growing, and I was stuck. Not only stuck, but I was about to go downhill.