How many bottles do we need to realize the problem?

In my last post, I described my new job after college, and how I still managed to party like a teenager even as I was approaching my 30s. It was only a matter of time before the consequences of living like this caught up to me.

I was now the oldest person working in my position at my job and had never been promoted. I was great at event planning, but I never went the extra mile, and I was often late or “sick” (meaning hungover). It was kind of embarrassing. For as long as I’d been with the company I should have moved up by then.

It was weird noticing how young the girls in my department seemed. They were the same age as I was when I started the job. I didn’t like feeling like “the old one” when we all went out to nightclubs.

So instead of applying myself more at work and trying to get promoted, or looking for a new job, I decided to resolve my insecurities by drinking alone. If it wasn’t as fun anymore to go out, I could satisfy myself with staying in and drinking.

It started with having a bottle of wine before bed every night. Then two. Then three. Pretty soon I started drinking the second I got off work and was going to work still drunk from the night before the next day.

I was oversleeping and missing more and more work. I wasn’t taking care of myself, and I lost weight because I was more concerned about having my next drink than my next meal. I had permanent dark circles under my eyes and I was pale from hardly ever going outside.

It wasn’t long before my boss noticed I had a problem.