When the Nightmare Became a Reality

The next part is blurry, but I will try my best to remember, as hard as it is to write about.

In my last post, I was speeding home from the bar after getting fired. I was trying to drink myself into oblivion instead of dealing with my problems, as usual.

I remember the deer running across the road, and swerving to avoid hitting it. I was going way to fast, and careened off the road and into a large tree. I’d hit it in such a way that the left side of my body was pinned against the tree. I passed out instantly, and an onlooker called 911.

I am so thankful that no one else was hurt in that accident. No other cars had been near me on the road when I swerved, and the only thing for me to hit was a tree.

I don’t remember the ambulance ride or anything that happened right after I hit the tree. The next thing I knew I was waking up in the hospital under bright lights and I felt so strange. It took me a moment to realize where I was, and how I had ended up there. I groaned as I remembered getting fired.

Not only was I hungover, but I was also having withdrawals. I’d been passed out for a while, and my body was craving more alcohol. I felt nauseous and shaky and wanted a drink more than anything.

But something else was wrong too. Something was very, very wrong.

I looked down at my body, which was covered by the hospital blanket. My left side was way too flat. I tried to wiggle my fingers on my left hand and my toes on my left foot.

But there was nothing there. The doctors had to amputate my left arm from the elbow down, and my left leg from the knee down.