Wine and Beer Addiction Among Women

In my last post, I talked about the reasons women are unable to seek treatment for alcoholism. This post is going to focus on the dangers of wine and beer addiction for women.

More women tend to prefer wine to beer, but whatever your preference, whether wine or beer, they’re equally addictive. Like me, you might start off drinking as just a way to have a good time, but if you find yourself craving a drink regularly, even in non-social occasions, then you might want to take a step back and re-evaluate your situation.

I’d be looking at some frequently asked questions and concerns about drinking wine and beer.

Is Wine Better For You Than Beer?

You have probably heard that it is healthier to drink wine. It is a rather common belief that makes the question “is wine better than beer?” a popular one. As a person who has first-hand experience with alcoholism, I’d rather tell you that the effects of wine addiction are equal to damaging effects of beer.

I Drink a Bottle of Wine Every Night am I an Alcoholic?

This is another often asked question, next to “is wine or beer better for you?” To effectively address this question, I’d require you to do some introspection. Why do you feel the need to drink every night? For me, it started out as a way to let my hair down in college after years of being the perfect child and student. From there, it progressed to drinking to celebrate my life as a working adult, and ultimately to drinking for solace.

The truth is that having the occasional can of wine does not mean you have a drinking problem, but if you feel compelled to drink wine or drink beer every night, it might be the prelude to compulsive drinking, which may signify the onset of alcohol use disorder. Whether you drink wine or beer first, you can easily cross the line into abuse if it is consumed every night.

The addictive drug in beer, wine and liquor is ethanol, which can be found in both wine and beer. Ethanol is also responsible for intoxication or drunkenness.   

Is It Bad To Drink Wine Every Night?

While occasional or social drinking might be manageable, compulsive drinking might make you build a tolerance which can eventually lead to alcoholism. Liver damage, depression, heart disease, and impairment of judgment, which can lead to fatal accidents or injuries, are a few of the dangers of alcoholism. Being addicted to beer can also pose these same risks as the intoxicant ethanol is common to both beer and wine.

Can You Drink Wine And Beer?

Having established that the answer to the question “is beer or wine better for you?” is none, as they both pose a mental and physical risk to our health, it goes without saying that drinking the both of them together is asking for trouble. Contrary to the myth that taking beer before the wine will reduce its efficacy, a study showed that this mixture does not make any difference. When you compare having a glass of wine and a beer a day with just having a beer a day, the only discernible difference is the level of alcohol content in your blood.

Does Drinking Wine Everyday Make You An Alcoholic?

I previously noted the dangers of drinking wine every night. The implications of drinking every day are not different. Women often have to deal with a lot of stress daily and develop coping mechanisms. While that is understandable, if your crutch is wine, then you might be setting yourself up for more trouble. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism’s 2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health reported that over 5.3 million women who are 18 and above struggle with alcohol use disorder. Drinking every day can be evidence of an underlying problem.

Finally, whether you drink white wine, red wine, or beer, always bear in mind that anybody can become addicted. You might assume that you do not drink nearly enough to be an alcoholic, but if your drinking interferes with your life, or poses a problem to those around you, it might not be as harmless as you assume.